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The Nature’s Decorations team brings 75 years of collective experience sourcing unique nature-based healing, furnishing and decorative pieces from around the world.

We embrace diversity in all its forms, and our people are as unique as our products. Our shared passion is Mother Earth and the beauty that She produces: crystals, stones, woods, shells and metals.

We are US-based, but partner with native artisans across 5 continents to cut and forge our products into works of applied art to be used and enjoyed every day in your home.

We are committed to our customers and invite you to be part of our family. We hope you are inspired by these natural wonders and enjoy them for years to come. Many were formed over tens of millions of years. Enjoy them for a lifetime!


Contact Details:

T: (877) 473-9113

E: service@naturesdecorations.com

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